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Her full name is Rydel Mary Lynch.

Her birthday is August 9, 1993.

She is the only girl in the band.

She plays keyboard and does vocals.

She loves wearing tutus!


The 3 words she uses to describe herself are "Silly, Smiley and Sweet"

She is now currently single.

She is an amazing dancer.

Her car's name is Chubbs. Ryland sold it 2 years ago                                                                             

She worked as a dance teacher at "The Rage" along with Riker and Rocky.

Her favorite Disney movies are "Tangled", "Hercules", and "Brave".

She named her piano Poe.

She named her phone "Sparkles".

Her favorite perfume is "Pink Sugar" and she buys it at TJ Maxx.

Her favorite color is Pink.

She was in the movie "School Gyrls" as one of the cheerleaders along with Riker.

She's really girly but a tomboy at the same time.

She's known as the giggly one.

Her favorite ice cream sundae is vanilla with strawberris, white chocolate chips, M&Ms and reeses cups!

She loves Hello Kitty!

Her favorite band is All Time Low.

Her tumblr account is:

She is constantly told that she looks like Britney Spears.

She was named after the high school in Grease, Rydell High.

Her and Riker like to watch The Vampire Diaries and she's Team Damon!

She both makes and buys her own tutus! She buys them from Sidecka.

Her favorite superhero is Thor.

Her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth.

She has had her First Kiss.