About Rydel Mary Lynch born August 9th, 1993 She is the only girl and most people say how does she do it hanging around boys all the time but so far she is enjoying it because they are her siblings and the boys protect her and stand up for her when she is in trouble and she just thinks it is so awesome for having the people who you can rely on And just have fun while doing it. I agree because if you are not surrounded by the people you love you can't enjoy what you love so she is getting use to the fame she is receiving from anyone here because i assume you are a fan. She is 5'8. 

About Riker Anthony Lynch  born November 8th,1991 He is Rydel's only older brother and he started out being in the show biz first then his brothers and sisters indicating Rydel started following in his footsteps and they had found their singing and dancing talent and formed a band with good friend Ellington and nicknamed him Raliff.

About Rocky Mark Lynch born November 1st,1994 
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Being looked like the one who would be like a bad boy,but really in the band he was the founder and the quiet one of the band.He is quite tall and even though he is younger than Rydel he over throwns her.

About Ross Shor Lynch born Decmeber 29th,1995 He is the second youngest and the youngest of the band being only 17 years old. He is also the sucessful in the showbiz career landing the role of Austin Moon in the hit Disney Channel Original Show and by that having more fame also the singing of the show requires him to sing all time which makes him ready on the action on with the action.

About Ryland Micheal Lynch born April 17th,1996 Not much is said about him since he is not in the band R5 and probably won't because considering the name there is only 5 members and he is the youngest of the family and only 15.

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